How can I play?
It couldn’t be easier, just sign up with your email, select the amount of the BTC to deposit and start the transfer. That’s it. There is no approval process of any kind.

Is there a minimum deposit?
Every spin costs 0.002 BTC. In order to start you need to buy at least 5 spins. Your balance is available after the 1st confirmation from the blockchain, however it will not be available for withdrawal until there have been multiple confirmations from the blockchain.

What are the odds?
No funny business. There are 16 segments on the wheel, each segment has a 1:16 chance with every spin. Simple as that.

Is there a jackpot?
Yes, we keep a fraction of every deposit. These funds will be put asside for a big Jackpot.

Can I withdraw money in different currencies?
At the moment, we only accept BTC.

Is there a limit on withdrawals?
Since transaction fees for any BTC transfer is rather high, we imposed a 0.01 BTC minimum withdrawal limit. If in the future these fees are lowered, we will adjust our minimum accordingly. Withdrawals are verified manually during business hours, Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

Can I play from any device?
Sure you can, just log in with your username and password on the device of your choice. You can even be logged in from multiple devices simultaneously.

How is the random number generated?
From time to time we download a huge file of random numbers generated by random.org. Every number in the file is used only once and every file is used only once. The game is as random as possible.